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Welcome to Yilgarn Community

This website will give you full information of Yilgarn community. The information keeps on this website are as follows.


The page that your are viewing now is the home page.

Community Health

Community health is the first priority. At this page we keep all the list of information and their respective titles, address phone numbers.


It has a drop menu to select either Emergency Number or the Community and Crisis Help lines

In case of Emergency, select this option will provide you wilh the information of Hospital, Ambulance, Police Station, Chemist etc.

In case of Community and Crisis Help Lines this option will provide you with Parents Help, Alcohol & Drug Information, Pregnancy Help, Crisis Care of any issue, etc.


It has a drop menu to select either Community Group or 2-Ways Listinings

The Community Group provides you all the information of activities and functions, such as Church, Op Shop, Shooting club, Tennis club, Golf club, Motorcycle club, Singing Group etc.

The 2-Ways Listinings provides you for the 2 ways name and contact numbers./p>

Community Announcement

Community Announcement will provide you an information of up coming events and community functions.

Phone Dierctory

It will provie you all the phone of Yilgarn community so that everyone will get intouch with one another.

Business Listinings

All the businesses can be listed in this page. Further information can be added in the details page.